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Vcv examples?

Hey its me i am back (rl has been preventing me from plugin dev for a while)

so i was wondering are there any examples of vcv modules in cabbage?
cuz i cant find any

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Not many. There is a demo here, but I don’t use VCV Rack so I never got around to producing anything else in the way of examples. If you put together anything nice let us know :wink:

I will

Aight i have a lil plan:

i am going to make a simplified version of the diskinfile player example that works in vcv rack I think you could do some very cool stuff with that

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Make that the soundwarp fileplayer cuz its a bit cooler

I made it more vcv style now i just gotta make it work in vcv rack.
(and i have no clue on how to do that)

I found a bug

if you make a cvinput using the editor window it turns into a cvoutput

have you read through the Cabbage VCV manual page? You’ll see that only the standard Cabbage widgets are supported. So soundfilers are out of the question. Sliders, button, combox, checkboxes yes, but soundfilers, no.

So if i remove the sound filer does it still work or should i get back to the drawing board?

Yeah, I think the rest of those widgets should work Ok.

Yeah but i still cant wrap my head around how the vcout system works
(and Just realized i don’t need a vcin for this lol)

They work with channels. If you have a cvoutput with a channel called “cvOutput1” then to send audio to it you just nee to do this:

aSignal oscili 1, 440
chnset aSignal, "cvOutput1"

So its instead of something like aout?

Instead of out/outs yes. Here is a very basic file.

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Is it not possible for those additional widgets to work under Rack or is the issue related to development priorities? In the latter case, might we consider crowdfunding the development effort for more comprehensive Rack compatibility? Cabbage seems like such an ideal development framework for building Rack modules :heart:

I use a completely different UI framework for Cabbage. Adding these kinds of widgets to the UI framework used by Rack would be a serious amount of work. On the other hand, VCV Rack can load VST plugins. So you can still use your favourite Cabbage instruments there?

VCV Rack 1.x/Community Edition doesn’t natively support VST plugins. There is a proprietary VCV Host addon that enables VST support for Rack 1.x while 2.x Studio Edition will have VST support built in.

I would like to use Cabbage to build some open-source Rack modules and may find some of the more advanced Cabbage widgets to improve the user experience/capabilities.

Would it be alright if I create a few issues to discuss the specifics of adding support for various Cabbage widgets in VCV Rack? The issues could be used as a roadmap of sorts, where widget development could be prioritized based on utility and development complexity.

Sure, and thanks for the PRs. FWIW, I did write a Csound VCV Prototype interface some months ago. I never got around to releasing it. I was drawn to the simple interface. I don’t have that much time to spend on it now, but if you thought it would be of some use, maybe we could work on getting a release out there. It would be great to have it included in the main VCV Prototype package.

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Sure, I’d be glad to help out, with your guidance. It would be useful, as the module name suggests, to prototype some Csound code for Rack.

I’m really interested in packaging some ‘stand-alone’ Rack modules, and am super excited about the CabbageRack project. While the Cabbage widgets that are already ported to VCV Rack can cover many use-cases, I would like to help porting some of the other widgets over to VCV - particularly any we identify as having a high impact.

There may be some existing, open-source Rack modules having UI elements similar to Cabbage that we can use as reference or even borrow from.

In any case, thank you so much for making Cabbage and bridging it into the Eurorack world via Rack :smiley:

I’m wondering with the upcoming VCV 2.0 and them moving towards a commercial model, will it will be worth it for us hobbyists to invest the time to developer things. I’ve read that the VCV program itself will still be free, but if I understand things correctly, it will cost $99 for the basic VCV modules. I wonder if it would be worth it to really developer any open source modules. I know that the free version of 2.0 will not include the VST import.