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Where is the Export FMOD Plugin?


Just found Cabbage, looks really interesting. Being a n00b, I can’t find the Export FMOD Plugin option in 2.9.0



Hey @madfiddler. welcome to the forum. What operating system are you using?

Hey Rory, I’m on Windows 10 Pro.

My bad, looks like I accidently disabled exporting of fmod modules at some point in the last few months. I’ve triggered a new build. The installers should appear here when they are ready.

Awesome - thanks Rory!

Hey guys! Any news on this? I’ve just updated to 2.9 and have the same problem - no fmod :wink:

And the link to that build that @rorywalsh did doesn’t exist any more :frowning: please help!

What OS are you on?

on Windows 10

Can you download the latest CsoundFMOD dll from here and place it into the root folder of your Cabbage install dir, right beside Cabbage.exe? It should be picked up by Cabbage after that. Let me know if it works. It’s been a long time since I used the FMOD wrapper.

Hi Rory,

Win 10 user here too. I recently discovered Csound and Cabbage and am excitedly hoping to integrate it in FMOD/Unreal Engine for procedural/dynamic sound design & music. Thank you for this awesome tool and your support to the community :smile:

I downloaded the dlls provided and overwrote the existing ones in v2.9.0, but no change (looks the same as the screenshot from madfiddler).

But with the beta build from July 3, I can confirm that exported “FMOD Fx” plugins are functional in FMOD Studio 2.02.14 and 15. However, trying to export as “FMOD Sound” results in…
C:\Program Files\Cabbage/CsoundUnityNative.dll cannot be found? It should be in the Cabbage root folder.”

@AirWiggler, welcome to the forum :slight_smile: I see the issue now and I’ve just triggered a new build which you can access from here once it’s ready.

Hi, I’m on Cabbage 2.9.0 on macOS, and also can’t find the Export FMOD Plugin option. It seems the already posted workaround was Windows-specific, is there a workaround for Mac as well?

Hi @runevision, welcome to the forum. Can you try the latest beta build for MacOS and see if it works there? There is a sticky post on the forum homepage about how to access these dev builds. :+1:

I see the menu options in version 2.9.132 for MacOS and after exporting, I’m now able to see and use a Cabbage effect in FMOD Studio. Thanks a lot!

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