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Widgets should not share channels names

For as long as Cabbage has been around it has been possible (although never recommended), to use the same channel names with multiple widgets. We all did it right :man_shrugging: It starts off with a little duplicate here, then another one, next you know 20 different widgets are connected to each other by a single channel and a team of Cabbage coloured unicorns start singing Palestrina motets in your ears.

Well I’m pulling the plug on it! :rofl: No more unicorns, and no more duplicate channels!

Why? A channel name becomes a parameter name in the DAW. And many DAWs will simply refuse to create a second parameter if there is already one created with that name. To be honest, I’m surprised they worked this long without problems :rofl:

I’ve added a check on compilation for duplicate channels. You can ignore the warning, but do so at your own risk :unicorn:

Spoilsport. Seriously though, you might want to watch that Cabbage doesn’t become a nag, bombarding the user with popups saying “don’t do this”, "don’t do that, when opening an older csd. :grimacing:

I know. I was thinking of this. Maybe it would be better to just print this information to the Csound output console, or add a “Cabbage Warnings” console? That would certainly make things easier to ignore. I’m open to ideas. I just want to help people avoid some common mistakes that might lead to some potential problems down the line.

@iainmccurdy How about this, complete with numbers of offending lines :thinking:

I just have to add a few more warnings like “Don’t use purple, that’s a horrible colour” and “Your .csd file use tabs instead of space. Please try again”. :rofl:

That’s much more polite looking!

As some of you have noticed, whenever you add a widget to an instrument using the GUI editor, it will create a unique channel name for that widgets in the form of slider00001. You can obviously rename the channels to anything you like, but remember each and every widget should have a unique channel name, otherwise you will get the dreading yellow warnings :rofl: