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FMOD plugins not showing

So, I’m exporting a Csound code as an FMOD plugin through Cabbage and I can’t get FMOD to show me the plugin when I try to add a plugin instrument. A friend of mine was able take the exact same Csound code and make it run on FMOD just fine. We’re both on MacOS using the exact same versions of Cabbage (2.3.0) and FMOD (2.00.10).

I tried other 3rd party plugins on FMOD and they are also not showing up. FMOD doesn’t output any error messages through the console and I’m able to export a standalone with Cabbage.

I found this thread from a couple of years ago here but that didn’t help my case. I also didn’t find anything o the FMOD forums (I also posted there as well).

Truly at a loss on what could be possibly wrong with either FMOD or Cabbage, is anyone ale to offer me any guidance or possible solutions?

Thanks in advance!

I’d say the first thing you should is try to get other 3rd party plugins showing in FMOD. If the Cabbage ones still don’t appear after that, then we know the problem is with Cabbage. But there is little point in looking into it now if it ends up being an issue with FMOD. I don’t use FMOD much at all. The only time I ever tried it out was in building that plugin. But I’m happy to help if I can.

Yeah, I tried a couple of other third-party plugins and they are also not showing up. I read that thread I linked three times and the situation is slightly different so the one solution there doesn’t work for me and it does seem like you were very thorough trying to help as well.

I’m inclined to believe the problem is on FMOD side of things since there’s no error output on the console and it doesn’t detect other plugins so I also made a post on their forums but I was wondering if someone that also went through this managed to find a solution here.

And thanks for the quick reply, will keep cracking my head on this.

Let us know if you figure it out :wink:

A little bit of an update on this: I tried reformatting my computer and it’s still not working but I got a little bit more data from the FMOD console from other people.

The first image is from a friend of mine who has the plugin working fine on MacOS High Sierra.

The second image is from someone trying the exact same plugin files also on High Sierra. The plugin is not working for them.

The third image is my console output on both Mojave and Catalina. FMOD is also not detecting the plugin here.

New update: I downgraded my MacOS to High Sierra and it now magically works for some reason

Good to note. I haven’t yet upgraded to 10.15, I’m still on 10.13. I’ve been putting off upgrading because of issues I’ve seen friends have. But I will have to update at some point. When I do I will take a look at this and see if I can recreate the problems you were having.

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