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Knob does not rotate

I recently started creating an effect plugin from scratch.
I already have the 3D Knobs ready as .png files.
However, when input the code into cabbage, the knob gets displayed, but does not turn left or right.
[image bounds(0, 0, 599, 463) file(“Big Knob.png”)]

It won’t work like that. image is more or less static. Have a look at the following thread. It gives some further information on how to do this. If you’ve any further questions feel free to ask.

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Thank you! I created a film strip of the knob consisting of 17 frames.
In the thread, you mentioned - " In your code you switch frames as the value of the slider changes".

What will be the code to switch frames and make the knob turn?
Because if I input the png with my earlier mentioned code, it just pastes that image c
ontaining the 17 knobs on the plugin

Check out the KnobManFilmStrip example from the Misc examples. Also, check out this thread for more details. That should get you going.

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