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Mac OS VST export

I will go on some travels the next time. So I wanted to make VSTs for REAPER on my MacBook. Maybe I did some rookie mistake. But whether I try to export as VST or VST3 I always get
Bildschirmfoto 2022-07-03 um 12.18.20
inside REAPER instead of the real name. The plugins actually work as expected, but if they all get the same name it will be difficult to pick the right one.

On Windows the name was automatically taken from the csd file name. Is there something extra one has to do on Mac OS?

(Mac OS 10.15.7, Cabbage 2.8.10)

Oh that doesn’t seem right at all. Thanks for reporting it. I’ll take a look tomorrow morning first thing :+1:

I just tested here with Reaper and I see no issues. The plugins showed up under the correct name. 2.8.1 is quite old at this stage, can yo try the latest build: 2.8.121 Let me know how it goes :+1:

With the 2.8.121 build it works. Thanks!

One remark to the other noobs trying this: If you use .snaps for presets you have to open the vst3 package and copy the .snaps file into the folder Contents. (not to the folder where the .vst3 file is residing.)