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Audio Dropouts in FMOD

Hey Guys,

I’ve been trying using the FMOD Plugin export option in Cabbage but have been getting audio dropouts (what sounds like a buffer underrun I guess). This is the first time I’ve used this feature so I could be missing something very obvious. I’m not particularly well-versed in FMOD.

Code and a video is here, I hope someone can help!

Edit: The code is real short btw & audio is real quiet on the video

I’m curious how you got this working at all in light of FMOD not recognising Basic Instruments :laughing:

I can’t seem to get FMOD to see my Csound instruments at all. And I’m having a hard time setting up a system to debug with. As you can see here, I can’t even get Xcode to launch FMOD. So I have no way of testing. What version of FMOD/Cabbage are you using?

Yeah after reading that it’s especially exciting! lol

I’m on Cabbage 2.4.0 and FMOD 2.00.04. I have to use that outdated version of FMOD due to what we have in college, bit annoying but perhaps that’s why I’m able to get anything at all.

Ah that’s probably it. The first thing you should do is remove the -odac from the CsOptions. I can’t remember if I prevent that from being read by Csound, but if not, Csound will try to output to the audio devices too.

[edit] and change the ksmps settings, 2048 seems crazy large. Try 64, that should be fine.

lower ksmps seems to make it a little smoother, removing the -o flag results in no audio at all. I’ll maybe try using an external dac here and get back to you!

Can you try -n instead of an empty CsOptions?

hahahahaha, trust csound to have a solution like that!

Works perfectly, I can’t believe it! cheers Rory!

Great. And it’s nice to have verification that this interface still works fine in FMOD 2.0 :+1: